Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Edsa Run - Power of Change

Time to effect change in the lives of others. Mark the date and join us on Feb 27, 2011. Be a HERO.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Ninoy Runner Then and Now

As I was going through my clutter, I chanced upon this old photo of me taken during one of the ROAR runs in the 80s (that's my excuse for my confused Cure/Flock of Seagulls/Rick Springfield hair).

The ROAR runs were weekly weekend runs which start at the Baclaran church and end at Luneta. This was one of many the protest activities against Marcos and his senseless killing of Ninoy. I was running then because I was pissed off!!! I hated Marcos!!! It was personal as much as it was political.

It really brought back a lot of memories in as much as it made me realize that much of what we fought for then are same struggles that Auntie Cory sacrificed so much for and to this day continue to plague us all.

The problems and issues are overwhelming. I believe they can't be solved during my generation and I fear my children's generation. Where does one begin or do you even bother to start anywhere at all? I used to say to myself forget it! I'll just live my life oblivious to all these problems as long as my family is happy and healthy.

It maybe divine intervention, or my dad and mom (possibly with Uncle Ninoy...GOD rest their souls) banging my head, that led me to be more involved with working with my brother Rapa in iamninoy. The idea of small "heroic" acts or being a hero in your own small way was a big eye-opener. A tiny act of goodness and kindness can impact many many lives in a huge way. And I guess, or I'd like to believe, this may be the same force that led my friends and I to form the iamninoy Runners.

The thought that by the simple act of running together we get to help kids have an education and a better crack at the future. This is why I'm running now. This time it's not political but what I consider as my personal stake at making a difference.

Run with me. Run with us!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crashed Into Uncharted Territory

Last Sunday, I ran the 15k Men's Health All-Terrain race in Sta. Elena. The course was both beautiful and challenging taking you through darting zigzags and rolling hills with nice views of the golf course and open fields.

I must admit though that I didn't expect the strain it would have on my knees. It was probably because I was constantly shifting while trying to choose where to step with constant thoughts of ACL in my mind. Unlike running on the road, I could not get a consistent rhythm on my strides. By the 8K mark my right knee was already painful perhaps for compensating for my left. Past the 12th I stepped on what I though was shallow mud but quickly realized I was wrong as I twisted my right ankle on a camouflaged rock. That's when I though, "Shit, I forgot to tape!" hahahaha. After a few more meters, I decided to call it a day and walked the remaining 2.5-3K to prevent any serious injury. I finished at a shameful, 1hr57mins. that Mayi, Caecilia, and Franics thought I got lost in the trail. hahahaha. Thanks for the vote of confidence guys.

This proved to be the right decision though because today, after 4 days of rest, ice, and arcoxia (hahaha), the pain in my knee is gone as well as the swelling on my ankle. There's still a little bit of stiffness and discomfort though but I think I'll be able to bike and swim this weekend and hopefully run next week.

At the end of the day, inspite of it all, I had a blast. Given the chance, if they'll have it again, I'll be back. But this time I won't be a fool and will come more prepared. Ay naku...lesson relearned.

Footnote: No pain nor strain felt in my hamstrings!!! Yessssss!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back From the Dead

Last Sunday, June 14, I ran my first TRI race in over two years. I decided to join a mini-sprint so I can ease back into Triathlon with the least amount of stress possible.

I'd have to say I was so surprised with the amount of people who joined. Two years back, there was only a handful of participants. Now ang saya talaga. Saw a lot of old friends and training partners. I was also pleasantly surprised to see old friends who are first timers in the sport.

I had a blast and was really happy with my splits. SWIM 7:41; BIKE 31:47; RUN 17:20 for a total time of 56:48 minutes. I could have done much better though in my transitions. I was over 4 mins in my first and almost 2 mins in the second. But ok na din. Pwede pa pala. Forgot how much fun it is.

High point was my performance in my swim. I guess TI paid off and I had a more relaxed swim in spite of all the kicks received in the crowded pool.

Now, I think I just have to put a structure back in my training so I can be better prepared. For now I'm just happy to be back. Another step forward. :)

The recreational triathlete is back from retirement.

Photos with training partners Jun, Jaymie(2nd Place Womens), and Miguel...and nephew Juan (2nd Place Kids)

All pictures courtesy of my lovely wife, Mayi. Yes! Lovely! Thanks Mayi!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Racing to Update My Posts (Part 2)

Guilty as charged! I'm really lazy to post regularly. But I know I have to because I want to make sure I document everything so I can have accurate archives of my recovery, and now training, so I can look back at it if needed.

So here's whats been happening so far (in the past two weeks)

1. Run training with Joar have been really great! I've successfully gone through intervals, uphill and level speed work, tempo runs, and LSDs (Long Slow Distances -- coined by Joe Henderson) pain free. I'm happy and excited. If I can continue at this state, I will hopefully be able to work on improving time and do longer runs. I usually experience pain after the 11-12 km mark. So I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. I just have to be smart about training and know when to push and when to hold back.

2. I've started Total Immersion (TI) training with Coach Nonoy Basa. Together with classmates Joel Gironella and Miguel Pizarro, we have been battling to kill old-school swim habbits to achieve a better and more efficient swim technique. Easier said than done. Hahahaha. But I'm really enjoying it.

With Joel, Nonoy, and Miguel. Photo courtesy of theBullrunner (TBR)

3. Last Sunday, I decided to follow the advise of Jaymie (TBR) and coach Joar to finally get a deep tissue massage for my super stiff hamstrings. I've been putting this off since I haven't felt any serious pain in a while. But I yielded when warned that this stiffness might just eventually lead to a tear and another setback. Besides, I had nothing to loose by having the massage anyway.

As expected, it wasn't the ordinary Spa-like massage. Not relaxing at all. Harry, the masseur really worked on my problem areas namely -- my calf mussles, my hamstrings, and my right ITB.

I must say I was skeptical even after the massage. But I felt the benefits yesterday while doing hamstring exercises. I usually could not finish some exercise poses because they would start to stiffen up and become painful that I'd have to stop. But yesterday, they were ok. There was some slight stiffness but no pain. YES!!! Wow. Thanks Jaymie, Joar, and of course Harry!!!

4. I haven't been biking at all -- not even spinning. I have to squeeze it in somehow. "Makisig" will ride again!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Last night, I went through a punishing interval routine with coach Joar pacing me. I was so tired I felt I was drunk. Hahahaha. It just confirmed the fact that I'm so out of shape. Oh well, the good side is I didn't feel any pain last night nor when I got up this morning. YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!! Joar also gave me a really good stretch focused on my hamstrings. I believe that did the trick.

Small victory but extremely happy. My fingers are still crossed.

I'll slowly get back there. I just need to push a little at a time. I'll get there.